How to make sure your bank accounts are secure at checkout


Make sure your card reader works before you open your account.

Some banks don’t allow card readers on checkout machines and some cards require a special password.


Make a note of the transaction number on your card, which is what will tell your bank what you’ve done in order to verify your account details.


Don’t forget to check your credit card statement every month.

It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a huge difference.


Be wary of merchants that may offer free upgrades to existing cards.

If you get a free upgrade, they may charge extra fees to you, such as extra fees for shipping.


When it comes to fees, keep in mind that most banks charge a minimum fee for every transaction.

If your transaction is $20, then the bank may charge you $5 to cover your transaction.


Use the same card to open up a bank account for two people.

If there is a difference between the first and second transaction, it may cost you $1 or $2 to open a new account.


Don,t hesitate to call ahead and ask if you can have the account opened sooner, because some banks have a waiting period.


Use a credit card to pay for a phone, cable or Internet service.

If a credit union or other company will pay the extra, the bank will charge a fee for the service.


Keep in mind how many different cards your bank has.

Some are less than ideal and may be better to avoid.


Don.t forget to ask for a copy of your bank account information at the time of your first account opening.

If the bank asks for this information, don’t hesitate to refuse.


Don t forget to use the same credit card for the same transaction for the next two years.


Don te you can always use a debit card if you want to pay with it. 13.

Know your limits on what you can charge with your card.

Most credit card companies are strict about this, so don’t forget about this.


Keep your account in good standing.

Many banks are very helpful about checking if your account is in good shape.

You can check by doing a credit check with your bank or using the online check-in system.

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