Why you should be worried about the 2019 NFL season

The 2019 NFL regular season will start this Sunday, Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m.


That means the first day of the regular season.

The first two weeks will run from Sept. 3 to Sept. 10.

So the NFL has plenty of games to play before the start of the season.

Here’s what you need to know about the first two weekends of the 2019 regular season:1.

What to watch for: First weekend of the preseason isn’t going to be all about the regular-season schedule.

You might see the first preseason game in 2018.

Or maybe it will be an exhibition game.

Or perhaps the Bills or Jets will get the start in 2018 and the Bills will be the first team to play in an exhibition.

The NFL has a lot to work with, and there are plenty of potential storylines to look forward to.

But this is the first full preseason for the league, and it won’t be an easy first week to watch.

Here’s a look at what to watch:The Bills’ preseason opener vs. the Cowboys (Sept. 9): They’ll likely open the season on the road against a Cowboys team that has a 3-1 record against the Bills.

The Bills will likely open with a loss, though, because it’ll be the second straight season the Bills have lost to the Cowboys.

The other time the Bills had a losing record against a Bills team was last season, when they lost to Dallas by a score of 27-10.

Here are the projected starting lineups for both teams:The Jets (1-1): This is the Jets’ preseason home opener.

They’ll face off against the Patriots, who were in town for the Bills’ first preseason contest.

The Jets are 5-2 this season, and are 1-0 in preseason games at Gillette Stadium.

Here are the starting lineup:The Patriots (1,049): The Patriots will host the Bills in their first preseason meeting.

The Patriots are 4-1 this season and have played in the preseason three times.

They beat the Bills last season in Buffalo.

Here is the starting lineup:The Jaguars (0-2): This will be Jacksonville’s first preseason opener, and they’ll host the Browns.

They’ve been 2-2 since the end of the 2016 season, but are 4,000 miles away from their home opener against the Titans on Sept. 1.

Here we go:The Bears (1 -0): This week will mark the first time since the start a year ago that the Bears are 0-2.

They were 0-3 in preseason this year.

Here they are in the gallery below:The Colts (0 -0.5): This year’s preseason has been one of the league’s most competitive, and that has led to plenty of big-name signings.

Here the Colts’ first three preseason games are against the Eagles, Titans and Panthers.

Here it is in the slideshow below:Here are all the projected lineups in the NFL:1 – No. 1: The Philadelphia Eagles.

They will host No. 3 Arizona.

They lost the opener, but that was on the home field.

The team is 2-0 this season.2 – No, 2: The Bills.

They face off in a preseason game at Tennessee.

They have a 4-0 record this season in games against teams that finished in the top 10.3 – No., 2: Buffalo.

The Eagles will host them in the first game of the week, on the Tennessee campus.4 – No: 3: Tennessee.

The Titans will host no other team.5 – No – 1: Jacksonville.

They travel to face the Jaguars in the third preseason game of this season’s regular season on Sept, 12.

The Browns (0.25 – 0.5)The Titans are coming off a bye week, which means they can play their first regular-game game this week against the Jaguars.

This is their first trip to Tennessee since 2015.

They’re 3-3 this season against teams with winning records.

The Jaguars will host a number of teams this week, but the Browns are one of them.

They host the Raiders, Titans, Eagles and Browns.

Here comes the opening lineups:

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