Why the PNC bank account login page was so slow

0 0 Share this article Share The UK’s biggest banking group has revealed the slowest time it has been able to process bank account requests since it launched in September.

The Bank of England’s online banking service, which is currently at the height of its popularity, logged more than 1.3 million account requests a day in September and is now logging almost 4 million requests a month.

It was first launched in November 2015 and is set to be rolled out nationwide in early 2018.

The bank has been working to streamline the process by removing unnecessary pages and introducing automated processes to allow for quicker processing, including a “quick check” feature which will automatically check a customer’s bank account to make sure it is fully charged and open.

In September, the Bank of Scotland launched its own online banking application, but this has not been as successful.

Its first request for bank account information was made in February this year and by May the bank was receiving hundreds of thousands of requests a week.

A spokesman for the Bank said: “Bank of England is working to improve its response times to customers using the new online banking system.”

This comes as the Bank also confirmed that it will roll out automated bank account check-ins and “quick checks” for customers on its digital card readers.

These are designed to speed up the process of making a deposit and withdrawing a card.

The spokesman said: “[These] are a new service that will be rolled into the new system by the end of the year.”

He added: “As part of the rollout, we will also be introducing a ‘quick check’ which will check your bank account within seconds.”

However, the spokesman added that these checks will only be rolled in the “first few days” after launch.’

Great service’The Bank said that it has seen a number of requests for bank information and has already begun implementing automated checks, which will begin in mid-April.

“We have also begun a pilot project to test how the new service can be used with our existing customers,” the spokesman said.

“The pilot will allow us to evaluate how we can use the new technology and provide a better customer experience.”

However he added that the pilot is “not yet finished” and added: “[The pilot is] not a formal roll out of the service, but we want to test and improve the pilot so that we can roll it out across the UK.”

The spokesman added: “‘Quick checks’ are an automatic process that we will be testing and will be rolling out in early March.”

The Bank’s online bank is available in more than 90 countries and accounts for up to 30 per cent of all banking transactions in the UK.

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