Trump administration will launch the biggest food bank expansion in history: report

The Trump administration plans to expand the number of food banks operating in the U.S. by more than 25 percent this year and will expand its food bank programs to include women, children and low-income Americans.

The food bank program, called Food Banks United, will be launched by the Trump administration at the start of the new fiscal year, the Department of Agriculture said Thursday.

In its 2017 fiscal year plan, the Trump White House called for a nationwide food bank that serves more than 5 million Americans.

“Food banks have been an integral part of our nation’s social fabric for generations,” the White House said.

“They provide emergency aid to those in need, and they are a vital resource for millions of Americans who have been left behind in a time of economic downturn.”

Today, the food bank network is poised to grow to include a substantial portion of low- and moderate-income families, many of whom are children and families with disabilities.

The Food BanksUnited initiative will help our nation continue to be a leader in social and economic inclusion and improve the lives of families across the country.

“In the first quarter of 2017, the number, size and purpose of the food banks grew by more that 22 percent from the same period in 2016, according to the Department’s data.”

The Food Banks are a major part of the USDA’s Food Bank Emergency Assistance Program (FBAEP), which provides cash assistance to families and individuals who can’t afford to pay for food or other needs. “

By providing a robust food bank, we will be helping to ensure that those who need it are able to access it, and that those that can’t access it are served by our nation, not by an outside organization.”

The Food Banks are a major part of the USDA’s Food Bank Emergency Assistance Program (FBAEP), which provides cash assistance to families and individuals who can’t afford to pay for food or other needs.

The agency said this is the largest expansion in the program’s history.

“These programs have helped millions of families access emergency assistance to help with the cost of basic necessities, and in some cases have even helped them secure jobs or better housing,” USDA Administrator Cathy Lanier said in the statement.

The Trump administration also announced that the U-M-based Food Bank of Greater St. Louis would expand its services to serve a population of people in need of housing.

The city of St. Charles and the USDA will jointly run the Food Bank, which will provide financial assistance to people in its service area and its surrounding areas, including St. Claire, the St. Clair County Medical Center, the UCC Medical Center and other facilities.

The Food Bank is the first program to be expanded under the Trump Administration, and the first to be integrated into the USDA Food Bank program, Lanier added.

The first Food Bank will be created by the UMW-based Farm to School Food Bank and is slated to open in 2019.

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