How to avoid banking stress when you’re on holiday

What if you’re spending all your time online and you want to stay connected?

That’s what bank and credit union experts are advising holidaymakers to do to keep their finances in check.

If you’re going to a bank holiday, there are a few things you can do to minimise stress.1.

Keep your accounts separateYou’re not going to be spending all the time online, so make sure you’re keeping your accounts apart from each other.

If you have a credit card or debit card, set up a separate account.

This is because a card or account could be used to access your bank account if it is compromised.

If it is a debit card you may also need to use your mobile number to get the card.2.

Make sure you check all the information on your accountYou should be checking your account balances and other information on a regular basis to make sure there’s nothing you need to worry about.

This can help you reduce the chance of a bank or credit union issuing you a card without your knowledge.3.

Set up a cashback schemeYou can set up cashback schemes where you can earn cashback on online purchases.

You can find out more about cashback at the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.4.

Make your money available for you to spend on a daily basisYou can spend your money on a range of purchases such as groceries, clothing, home-cooked meals, gym membership, and travel.

This will help you maintain a comfortable financial lifestyle.


Have some money in your account to spend regularlyYou can keep some money that you can use for everyday spending on a monthly basis.

This will also help you to manage stress.6.

Use a savings accountIt can be hard to manage your finances when you can’t afford to save much for the future.

Some people find that a savings scheme can help them.7.

Check your bank statementIt can help if you’ve been affected by a bank loan, so check your bank’s financial statements.

You may find you’ll be surprised by the amount of money you’ve earned over the past year.

If your bank hasn’t been a big source of stress during the holidays, you might be able to set up your own bank holiday account.

You’ll need to sign up for a new bank account every time you apply for a loan or apply for an interest-free loan.8.

Set aside time for yourselfA holiday can be a great opportunity to unwind.

Set an aside time each day or week to reflect on how you’ve spent your time, and plan for what to do during the rest of the week.9.

Take advantage of free holiday dealsYou can get a number of free benefits from your bank or bank holiday provider.

They might include:

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