How to fix your iPhone 6s’ problem with the Apple Watch

It looks like the problem with Apple’s newest smartwatch may be even worse than you thought.

We spoke to a tech support rep at a local Apple store in Los Angeles to learn about the problems with the watch and how to fix them.

AppleInsider: What’s the problem?

A lot of the problems seem to be related to the Apple Pay payment method.

If you don’t have Apple Pay, then you’re stuck with using the watch’s Touch ID feature to unlock your iPhone.

When you try to pay with the iPhone 6S, the payment method requires the iPhone to be in use, and you’ll receive a message saying that the device is not currently detected.

This message will appear if you have Touch ID enabled, but it won’t appear if the iPhone is turned off.

The problem is particularly troublesome for those of us who have the Apple TV or Apple Watch.

If Apple TV is enabled, and the Watch is in use but you have an iPhone, you’ll be unable to make a payment on the Watch using Apple Pay.

The payment method is a payment option, and Apple Pay is a service that makes it easier to make payments using your smartphone or tablet.

The Apple Watch is one of the only smartwatches available with a touch screen, so it’s not that bad to have the Touch ID option turned off if the Watch isn’t being used.

The other problem with Touch ID is that it’s so much easier to use when the Watch itself is enabled.

If the Watch can’t detect the iPhone and the iPhone isn’t in use while it’s in use and you’re using the Watch as a payment method, it’ll take a long time to work.

When you turn the Applewatch off, you can still use the Watch to pay for things with Apple Pay or Paypal, but you’ll need to be careful when using Paypal.

You’ll need the Touch id to unlock the iPhone in order to do so.

When the Watch’s screen is turned on, you’re able to swipe your finger up or down to make certain payments.

However, if the Touch Id is turned to OFF, you won’t be able to make payment transactions using the Apple watch.

The only way to make Apple Pay transactions is to turn on Touch ID.

Apple Pay works the same way as using the iPhone as a form of payment.

You swipe your iPhone up or Down to make purchases or enter a payment, then the screen on the AppleWatch will display an “Add to Cart” option.

Then, the Apple device will prompt you to tap the “Add” button.

This will allow you to make the payment using the payment option you selected, then tap the Add button.

If your iPhone is still in use when you tap the button, the device will reject the payment, and then prompt you again to tap it again to complete the transaction.

If you’re a Paypal user, you may notice that Apple Pay doesn’t seem to work with the Watch.

Paypal requires a PIN or password to open an account, and even when you have a PIN, Apple Pay will not work.

However a Paypaly user, if you use the same PIN as Apple Pay and turn on the Paypal option, Paypal will accept your payments.

This is an issue that’s unique to Paypal users, and not just for Paypal; other payment methods don’t work as well.

To get around this, you could tap the TouchID button multiple times during the transaction, but Apple Pay won’t accept your payment.

Instead, you might have to use a third-party payment app.

Pay Pal works by using the phone’s GPS to locate an NFC chip embedded in the watch face.

Apple Pay works by tracking the GPS data to a phone, and as long as the phone is connected to the Watch, it will accept Apple Pay payments.

For example, you’d tap the NFC chip to the side of the Apple 6s and the watch will respond, saying, “Paypal accepted.”

Apple Pay then works, and your payment will be accepted.

PayPal users can check the compatibility of the Paypals NFC chip with their watch to see if it will work with Apple Watch payments.

Apple’s Paypal service is one way that people with iPhones can use the Apple Watches payment methods.

When Apple Pay makes an in-store purchase, PayPal will make the same purchase as well, and Paypal uses the Watch device’s GPS for the payment.

Apple Watch users also have to turn off the Watch entirely in order for PayPal to accept Apple Watch payment.

You might also be wondering if Apple Watch will be able, as the company says it will, to be connected to a smartphone.

It won’t, but the Watch will still receive information from your iPhone as it uses the payment methods that are available on the iPhone.

If, for example, your iPhone uses Touch ID to pay, Apple Watch’s

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