How to use SunTrust Online Banking to pay for groceries and pay your bills on a laptop

When you go to a grocery store and want to pay with your smartphone, you might be required to login with a bank account.

That’s the case with many U.S. grocery stores, including SunTrust’s, which have implemented this functionality for many years.

The company says its online banking service works well for this, but if you don’t want to log in to your bank account every time you go, you can use the same method to pay online.

The downside to this is that it’s not as secure as using a bank to pay, as it’s possible for someone to see your details, as well as your bank accounts and credit card number.

But if you do want to use it, it’s pretty easy.

To set up SunTrust online banking with your Google Account, head over to the SunTrust app and sign in with your phone’s account number.

Once you do, you’ll be able to use your Google account to pay on your phone using your Google Wallet credit card.

Once the process is done, you should see a notification on your smartphone that says, “You have successfully used your SunTrust Google Wallet to pay your bill.”

Once you click that, you’re good to go.

There are a few caveats to this, however.

First, you have to log into your Google wallet with your credit card to complete the process.

Second, you need to have an active account with your bank.

And third, you won’t be able buy or sell items with your SunBank account, which means you might have to pay more than you expected for your purchase.

SunTrust says the bank account will only work for online purchases.

But, in general, if you’re in a pinch and want an option to pay using your smartphone without the hassle of a bank, you probably won’t find it to be a big deal.

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