How to avoid the Apple Pay fraud scare

Posted November 09, 2018 06:16:38 Apple Pay is a fraud-prone payment service that’s been used by more than 300 million people worldwide.

And if you’re one of the 1.3 billion Australians using it, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been hacked by a fraudster.

The most common form of fraud is phishing.

Phishing emails disguised as legitimate emails are sent by a company called Apple.

They ask for a payment of a small amount, usually in a form of credit or debit card.

Once the email is opened, the email asks you to enter your payment details and confirm that you’re willing to accept it.

But it can also ask for payment in cash, a fake bank account or a fake mobile phone number.

The phishing emails are usually sent in the guise of Apple’s Pay mobile app.

Apple Pay isn’t the only service being targeted by criminals.

There are also a range of phishing scams, which are often designed to trick you into paying a very small amount and then make you believe that the amount is large.

Here are some tips to protect yourself against phishing and other scams.

Avoid phishing phishing is a scam that targets you by sending emails with a phishing link or link to another site that you’ve visited.

This usually looks a lot like a legitimate email, but the link will usually ask for more information about the site and you’ll then get redirected to another email address.

This site is usually in Australia.

The scammer will then ask you to click on a link to an address that will then take you to a page that looks a bit like the one you’d find in the Pay app.

If you click on the link and get redirected into a PayPal page, you can pay the person who sent the email.

You can always check the email for any suspicious links and to make sure you haven’t been phished.

You should also be cautious of fake emails when you are in Australia, or if you go overseas to use Apple Pay.

If someone sends you a fake email, it can take up to three weeks to receive your payment.

It’s best to be suspicious of emails sent to your email address and not to trust them.

The emails that are sent are typically from an overseas company.

If they look like they come from Apple, there are a couple of things you can do to make them look legitimate.

First, make sure they are from an Australian company.

The first step to protecting yourself is to verify that the email you received is from an email address that you actually control.

For example, if you receive an email from an address you control, then it’s probably not an Apple Pay scam.

Check the email address against your PayPal account, your bank account, the name on your debit card, or any other information that might indicate you are a valid user of your PayPal payment account.

You’ll need to use that information to check that the account has been compromised and if there is a problem with your account.

Check to make certain that the payment has been made and to confirm that it’s not fraudulent.

If it’s a fraudulent email, make it as clear as possible and make it easy to spot by checking to make a note of any errors.

If the email isn’t clearly fraudulent, check to make contact details for the email’s sender and to verify whether the person sending the email has been paid.

You might be able to use a third party service to verify the identity of the person you’re trying to contact.

You need to do this so that the company can verify that you are who you say you are.

If a third-party service isn’t available, the first thing you should do is use a service that provides free, easy-to-use verification.

This means that the recipient is not a scammer and the email appears to be genuine.

If that doesn’t work, you might also want to try using a third person to verify your identity.

If this is not possible, contact a trusted third party and try to get in touch with them to try to resolve the issue.

Pay by phone or over the phone There are a range in-store and online options for getting payments, such as Apple Pay or Pay by mail.

However, some online retailers are also offering free payments through their website.

If an online retailer offers free payments, they’re most likely phishing schemes.

These are scams designed to steal your identity and money.

They typically send emails that appear to come from a legitimate Apple Pay website and ask for your payment information.

They will ask for an amount and a verification code that they’ll use to complete the transaction.

If your payment is declined or doesn’t arrive on time, you’ll be redirected to a phished website where you’ll receive a message asking for payment again.

If these scams work, they usually don’t require you to provide any identifying information.

If, however, the scammer asks you for personal information, such a name

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